Eagles VS Vikings


Rant Break: eagles vs vikings!

I don’t actually believe that the Eagles can beat the Vikings in the NFC championship match.   I don’t.  I WANT to believe.  But realistically, with Foles at the helm, I just don’t think it’s going to happen.  Elite players win championships, and we’re missing one right now.

Pouring one out in advance.



Rant Break: Exhaustion.

I’m never sure what’s worse: physical exhaustion or mental exhaustion. I’m actually experiencing a mixture of both right now, and it’s a most unpleasant cocktail. The mental part can oddly keep you up at night, which just further amplifies the physical part.

Worst of all, it seeps into all aspects of your life. Getting up to exercise becomes an impossible chore. Your work suffers. You don’t feel like doing a damn thing. It breeds a strange faux laziness that drives you to use terms like faux laziness. Really though, its a downward spiral into TRUE laziness.

I’m not sure what the solution is. But I want to find one fast.

False Hope


Skkra recommends… avoiding false hope!

Well, somehow, the Eagles beat Atlanta yesterday.  Now they’ll be facing the Vikings come next Sunday.

My heart says, hey, of course they can win!  They have a great defense, and we’ll just pound the ball with our trio of amazing running backs.  But in the end, I really have doubts that Nick Foles is going to be able the game in the way that Carson Wentz would.  I’m chock full of false hope, because I WANT to believe, but my brain says that our would-be superbowl season ends here.



Skkra recommends… avoiding hope!

Obama talked a lot about hope, but it seems pretty overrated.  I say this because my Eagles are about to take on the Falcons today, and without Carson Wentz, our godlike quarterback, I really don’t know if we’re going to get through it.

What a brutal end to this season.  A year when the Superbowl was truly in sight, and the one player we truly needed to make it happen gets sidelined for the year.  Thanks, God.  Appreciate it.

Nick Foles isn’t bad, but it depends which Nick Foles shows up.  If the Foles that played against the Giants shows up, we should be good.  That Foles could complete passes and get third downs.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a long game as the other Foles throws our season away.



Skkra recommends… firebat!

I have almost nothing to say, other than I love Hearthstone. And if you love Hearthstone, how can you not love Firebat?!