George Foreman

Skkra Recommends… George Foreman!

I thought this week, I’d like to recommend that you check out a few of my favorite figures.  Lets kick it off with my boy George Foreman.

George is a legend for many reasons, but what I want to mention is his 1994 fight with Michael Moorer, when Foreman was 45.  I personally feel that Foreman recapturing the heavyweight championship at age 45 is the greatest achievement in all of sports.  Boxing is such a young man’s game, and for someone at that age to reach the highest pinnacle that the sport has to offer is nothing short of miraculous.GeorgeForeman

If you haven’t seen it, you can easily youtube the fight and some small documentaries about it.  It’s worth looking into it.  Interestingly, Foreman was not the #1 ranked contender at the time, but due to his massive popularity and influence, he was able to secure the title fight due to the payday that the promoters knew it would bring.  Friggin’ Foreman.  He’s just as good of a businessman as a fighter, too.  He’s pretty much an empire now.

Oh yeah, happy leap year, too.  We won’t see another post on 2/29 for years now.

Shutting out natural light

Skkra Recommends… shutting out natural light!

Well, we were talking about drinking this week, so let me give you one of my best tips: if you really want a serious day of hardcore drinking, one of the neatest things you can do is to shut out as much natural light as possible.  Close all of your blinds, pull your shades, do what you have to do – but dont see the sun.

Once you’ve closed out the sun, you gain a little-talked-about superpower: extra endurance!  It’s surprising just how easy it is to party for extreme amounts of time when you have no reference of what time it is.  In fact, if you’re a true pro, you can actually perform the rarely seen “transition.”

The Transition is the process of staying up so late that you basically sleep through the day, waking in the evening hours and only catching the NoNaturalLightsetting sun.  If you can keep this cycle of partying up, you can find yourself partying for several days in a row without ever being awake during hours of sunlight.  It’s a difficult feat to accomplish, and not something you can keep up long term, but its really something worth doing once in your life, if you can find the time.

I did it in college, and it was quite a trip.  Oddly enough, you find that you start to get kind of depressed after not having seen the sun for 4-5 days.  I think that that was made me decide to get back on the right side of the clock. But man.  That crazy sinkhole of nonstop partying I was in when I didn’t see the sun for several days?… awesome!

RANT BREAK – Working Hours

RANT BREAK: Working hours.

I thought I would take a break from recommendations today and go on a short rant.  Today’s rant will be about “standard 9-5 working hours.”

I get why there are normal working hours.  Particularly for professions where you need to be available – a bank, a doctor, answering phones at a helpdesk, etc etc – yes, you need to be there during a standard set of hours.  But for many other modern professions, I feel like the 9-5 workday is outdated.

For instance, I tend to work fast.  Really fast.  If I accomplish all of my tasks, why must I sit there at the office for the remainder of my day?  I could be outside reading in the park, or chaining cigarettes behind a dumpster as I drink a 40.  It just doesn’t seem right.

I hope that, going forward, more agile companies will start to embrace the “just get it done” attitude.  That way, if I need to work until midnight, I’ll work until midnight.  But if I finish my work at 2:30, it’d be nice to head home at 2:30.

Coconut Water

Skkra Recommends… coconut water!

While I love coconut water in general, it’s particularly awesome as a hangover helper the day after an all-nighter.

A friend turned me on to the magic of coconut water years ago, and it’s been my go-to hangover helper ever since.  No matter how brutalized I feel, it truly does tend to make me feel a bit better.  It goes best with some hot wings and a day of laying on the couch, but it can help you get through one of THOSE days, as well.

Nothing is worse than one of THOSE days.  You went out drinking all night, and you thought you’d barely be drinking much at all, but now you’re pretty damn hungover.  But oh no, you promised your friend that you’d help him move his couch and literally no one else can do it, so you can’t cancel at the last minute.  Or your little cousin is coming into town and you have to take him out for ice cream.  Stuff like that.  THOSE days.

Three Man

Skkra Recommends… three man!

Three Man is one of the best drinking games ever made.  There is no real winner, and no loser.  It’s just an endless game of heavy drinking.  That said, it’s a game of punishment and revenge, which is what makes it so amazing.

For Three Man, you just need a few friends and a pair of dice.  The first person to roll a 3 on either die, or a total of 3 using both dice, is Three Man.  Now pass the dice.

Each person now rolls the dice until they get a number which has no action attached.  Actions are as follows:

– a 3 on either die, or a sum of 3 on both dice = Three Man drinks.  This always applies, even within other roll combinations.
– 7 = person on your right drinks.
– 9 = nose.  Everyone has to touch their nose.  The last person to do so drinks.
– 10 = social!  Everyone drinks.
– 11 = person on your left drinks.

Any doubles means that you give out the dice.  You can give both dice to one person, or split them between two people.  Those dice are rolled, and each person must drink for the numbers of seconds shown on the dice.  For reference, a full beer is considered to be 22 seconds, so if you rolled an 11, you’d drink half of your beer.  Get it?  Easy enough.

The fun of doubles comes from “sending them back.”  If you roll doubles and give them to Bob, and Bob in turn rolls doubles, then the dice now come back to YOU.  You roll them again, and must now drink DOUBLE the total they show.  Unless, of course, you roll doubles again, and send them back to Bob, who will now drink TRIPLE what they show.  This escalates until someone doesn’t get doubles.  The most I’ve ever seen is 5x.

When the dice finally make it back to the Three Man, who is probably wrecked already from having to drink whenever a 3 is showing, they roll until either fail to get an action, or until they get any kind of three.  Once they do, they can designate a NEW Three Man.  Ideally, you’ll choose someone who isn’t going to get the dice for a while so they get sufficiently punished, but nothing feels better than choosing a person who screwed you over nonstop all game.
I recommend that you at least play until everyone is screaming at each other.  On a personal side note, I’ve had some epic games of “two man three man” with friends as the sun is coming up after a long night of drinking, and man, Three Man with two people can be delightfully brutal.