Cracklin Oat Bran

Skkra recommends… Cracklin Oat Bran!

We’re doing another cereal here, since I spent my entire youth eating as much cereal as I humanly could.

According to google, Cracklin Oat Bran is still alive and well, but if you put CracklinOatBrana gun to my head, I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw it in stores.  I have fond memories of mornings at the shore with my grandfather, eating bowl after bowl of the stuff.

It felt like one of those cereals that always came in tiny little boxes.  The older I got and the more I ate, I found that a box would seem half empty by the time I was done breakfast. That means I ultimately get two meals out of a box.  Not enough!

Dippin Dots

Skkra recommends… Dippin’ Dots!

A quick internet search revealed that Dippin’ Dots are apparently still around, though for the life of me I couldn’t tell you where you could find a vendor anymore.  It was “the ice cream of the future” back when it first came out… I vividly recall it’s sudden appearance on the scene at the boardwalk as a kid, and it was the coolest stuff ever.  It’s actually made by freezing ice cream using liquid nitrogen, but I didn’t know, or care.  I just wanted those delicious ice cream pellets.DippinDots

It seems that the company filed for bankruptcy several years ago, but I guess they got their stuff sorted, because they still have 1600 locations?  Considering I’ve barely seen it in about a decade, that’s shocking to me.  Where are all of these Dippin’ Dots locations???

Well, I’m glad that ONE thing I’ve recommended this week is actually still (apparently) easy to get.  I can’t imagine Dippin’ Dots would easily survive the shipping after you bought them from ebay.  I should go find a location, now that I know.  I bet they’re still godly delicious.

Nintendo Cereal

Skkra recommends… Nintendo cereal!

Pretty sure that I can still hear the ridiculous commercial jingle in my head.  “Nin, ten, do, it’s for breakfast now!  Nin, ten, do, it’s a cereal, wow!”

I’m fairly sure that it was just rebranded Lucky Charms, but my god was it NintendoCerealdelicious.  I’m not sure where you could still find some today – again, probably ebay – but I actually bet, considering it was probably 88% sugar, that you could still eat it if someone had an unopened box.  I bet those marshmallows are absolutely still edible.

The Nintendo Cereal had the “split box” 2-in-1 cereal layout that a couple of other late 80s/early 90s cereals tried.  One side was Mario Cereal, and the other side was Zelda Cereal.  I always preferred the Zelda side myself, simply because I was obsessed with the original Legend of Zelda as a kid.

Crystal Pepsi

Skkra recommends… Crystal Pepsi!

The only way to get this stuff anymore is on ebay, and who knows if the soda is still even drinkable.  Regardless, this was one of my favorite beverages from days past.  I genuinely loved this stuff growing up.  It hurt me when it was discontinued.

I remember, spending my summers down the shore, that my grandmotherCrystalPepsi had a Crystal Pepsi magnet on her fridge.  It was there for well over a decade after the drink disappeared.  Eventually the magent vanished, too, and to this day I wonder what the hell happened to it.  I wish I’d taken it myself, so that it could live on.

I know that Pepsi was throwing around the idea of bringing Crystal Pepsi back for a limited run, but I’m not sure if they ever pulled the trigger on it.  If they did, and I didn’t keep my finger on the pulse, then I’ll be kicking myself for not grabbing some while it was back around.

Ecto Cooler

Skkra recommends… Ecto Cooler!

Just like yesterday’s Snapple Elements, it seems that there a concerted EctoCoolereffort online to bring back this amazing Hi-C flavor.

Ecto Cooler was not only awesome because of the green color and the fact that it was Ghostbusters-branded… it was a genuinely delicious flavor!  I spent my entire childhood slugging that stuff down, and I’d like to spend my adulthood the same way.