Leaving on a Jet Plane by Bjork


Skkra recommends… Leaving on a Jet Plane by Bjork!

This was originally a John Denver song, but I actually prefer this Bjork cover.  A good friend of mine was singing the praises of Bjork to me earlier today.  In fact, he couldn’t stop talking about how the only true way to listen to Bjork is on vinyl, and how he’ll go to any lengths to find said records.  Oh, the hours he spends scouring the back rooms of long-forgotten hole in the wall record stores.

Anyways, I figured, hell, Bjork is so amazing, why not do a week of sick Bjork songs???  The masses have spoken, and we know that skkra.com always delivers for its audience.  All day, every day, just like we did back in 2001.

So here you go.  Enjoy this one.

Rant Break – Saving the World


RANT BREAK: Saving the World

I realized that almost every superhero movie nowadays features the crew saving the world. I think I’m tiring of it. I get it – it’s THE biggest possible threat. But cant these superheroes maaaaybe do something else?

I finally saw Deadpool the other day. Very solid film, but one of the things I liked most was it simply featured a good old get revenge and save a loved one plot. That actually feels more relatable than saving the world.


Skkra recommends… Timecop!

OH YEAH.  What better way to wrap up Action Movie Week than with a JCVD flick!  Not only that, but the best JCVD flick.  Does it include a Timecoptrademark JCVD gratuitous full split?  Why, yes, yes it does!

All joking aside, this is actually a good movie.  The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you interested, the action is great throughout, and it has RON SILVER.  That’s enough reason to go watch.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen this movie in a few years, so the only thing I can’t recall is how well the VFX hold up.  Honestly, I don’t think that matters.  This wasn’t a movie about big budget special effects.  It was a movie about big KICKS.

The Rock

Skkra recommends… The Rock!

One of the twin action classics of the Nicolas Cage library, this movie is a masterpiece.

Is there anything this film doesn’t have?  Sean Connery being awesome, check.  A nonstop barrage of quotable lines, check.  Hilarious Nicolas Cage overacting, check.  Excellent action scenes, check.  It’s hard to say much more about it, because really I just want to start quoting the entire movie front to back.



The Matrix

Skkra recommends… The Matrix!

While the second and third films in this series arent as good as the original – the second is entertaining and passable, while the third is a steaming pile of garbage – the first film is a classic.

It’s hard to teleport yourself back in time to when this movie first came out.  I myself was in high school.  But man, was that movie TheMatrixgroundbreaking at the time.  A lot of the effects shots used in the film were revolutionary at the time.  Now you get numb to them, because they’re so common that you see them used in friggin’ cereal commercials on TV.  Not that the movie is nothing but the sum of its special effects.  It’s not a Michael Bay movie we’re talking about here.

The action sequences in this movie stand the test of time, from the martial arts choreography to the gun fights.