Golden Crisp

Skkra recommends… Golden Crisp!

Man, do I love cereals.  Here I am thinking that all of these are impossible-to-find, off-the-market cereals, and yet apparently they’re alive and well.  I swear, I’m in a supermarket almost daily, and I NEVER SEE THESE ANYMORE.

Golden Crisp has an amazing history.  It was originally called Sugar Crisp, GoldenCrispbut Post changed the name because apparently parents started getting wise that feeding their kids nothing but sugar wasnt exactly healthy.  They didn’t change the name of the mascot from Sugar Bear though.  Maybe that should’ve been a tip off.  I also loved how he’d put foes with a “vitamin-packed punch” after eating the cereal.  Sure.  Vitamins.

In 1975, back when it was still called Sugar Crisp, a dentist apparently analyzed the cereal.  His findings?  The cereal was literally SEVENTY PERCENT SUGAR.  Amazing.  The balls on Post to more or less make a cereal that was pure sugar held together with some wheat.

That concludes this week of old, hard to find stuff.  What will we do next week?  Who knows!