Annoyance April LED Lightbulbs


Annoyance April: LED Lightbulbs

I HATE those frigging LED lightbulbs.  I know they’re trying to phase out standard bulbs, because I guess they’re made of pure satanic evil, but at least leave me the OPTION.  I do not want to be stuck with those terrible LED bulbs as my sole option.

The light they emit is just cold and harsh in a way that is hard to describe.  It’s like it’s TOO bright.  You can always tell LED christmas lights, because they glow with this strange color that just looks odd and a tad too vibrant to your eye.  Well, the actual bulbs made to go in your home are worse.

I’ve read a ton of different studies showing that staring at that kind of light is bad for several different reasons, but honestly?  I just hate it.  I like good ol’ warm-light bulbs.  It’s way closer to the look of natural sunlight than those nightmarish LEDs.

I hope you, my loyal army of readers, will join me in boycotting LED bulbs.  And even if you don’t, I’d seriously appreciate you breaking as many as you can next time you’re at Walmart.  They’ll throw you out, sure, but the chances of a serious arrest are pretty unlikely.  And even so, isn’t it worth it?