Annoyance April Form Saves


Annoyance April: Web browser forms saving your inputs.

I get that this is supposed to be a “feature” and that you can turn it off, but the fact that it happens by default bugs the living hell out of me.  It’s the epitome of anti-security.

It doesn’t save passwords, sure.  But if I want to go to someone’s computer and type in a few words in their URL bar, I bet I can figure out what bank you bank with.  And then on the login screen, if I just try hitting letters A-Z… well, there’s the login you use.  That’s my start to start trying to figure out the associated password, or if nothing else, I can probably use it to begin a social engineering attack with the tech support people at your bank.

I never save browser form information, and you shouldn’t either.  Do yourself a favor.