Annoyance April Empty Promises


Annoyance April: Empty promises!

Let me tell you something that bugs the hell out of me – people who don’t follow through on the promises they make. Look, if you cant rely on someone to do something when they say they will, that’s just bad form.

As a counter example, lets take this very website. Many, many moons ago, I made a simple promise about that it would be updated, and updated daily. And since 2001, I’ve kept that promise. It’s the reason I’ve cultivated such a massive loyal audience… it’s the reason I’m one of the most trusted sites on the internet… hell, it’s the reason that you’re reading this right now!

So hold the people in your life accountable, I say. If you, say, promise a cousin that you’ll pay $100 should you fail to keep a promise, well then, pay up! Unless, of course, he foolishly assumes you’ll fail twice and agrees to a double-or-nothing followup wager.