New Chapters


Rant break: new chapters.

In a way, an era in my life came to an end today. I’ll be interested to see what comes next.

I enjoy my career, and put a lot into my work. Today, a person who I have worked for for nearly a decade – a person who hired me, and had the faith in me to continually push me further up the food chain – has ended their tenure with me. I dont know who will replace him, but I actually dont think that there IS a replacement. Definitely a one of a kind boss.

There are plenty of people out there who work very hard, but you also need someone in a position of power to actually give you the opportunity to advance. A lot of smart and talented people do not get that. I was lucky enough to work for someone who let me push myself and show what I was capable of. I will forever be thankful for the belief he had in me, and the opportunities he trusted me to excel in. I have a good career thanks in very large part to his support, and I wont forget it.