Skkra recommends… Planetary!

This entire series is available in 4 trade paperbacks, so it’s very easy to collect at this point.  Planetary is a non-traditional superhero book, Planetarycentering around, more or less, a couple of superhuman detectives.

What if the world had it’s share of mystical, magical, superhuman, or otherworldly characters living in it?  And what if normal people simply had no idea?  That is the premise behind this book, but my little description here does it no justice.  Our small group of protagonists act as archeologists of the arcane, searching out various mysteries and keeping humanity safely away from this stuff.

The story does have a plotline that threads it all together and forms the main arc of the story, but much like the X-Files, there are plenty of little entertaining mysteries that they solve along the way.  It’s a fast and fun read, and one with enough depth that it’s worth a second and third read – you’ll surely pick up things that you didn’t the first time.

Captain America

Skkra recommends… Captain America!

You know, growing up, I wasn’t really into the Marvel comics very much.  They felt too safe and dated compared to what artists at startups like Image Comics were doing.  Image, in fact, was founded by a small group of Marvel ex-pats who didn’t like the way things were being run there.

As I’ve gotten back into comics as I’ve hit my 30s, I’ve come to rely a lot on the recommendations of my local comic shop guys, who have rarely given me a subpar suggestion.  One day, having nothing particular in mind, I asked for something good.  To my surprise, they handed me a Captain America trade paperback.

The book was actually quite good… I hadn’t realized how much Marvel had caught up.  Titles like Civil War discuss completely relevant topics and are interesting as hell.  Even movie studios have picked up on just how great the writing in these comics are, as they’re making them into movies as fast as the public will allow.

The title that the guy recommended?  The Captain America book that grabbed my interest?  “Winter Soldier.”  Go figure, the movie is my favorite Marvel movie.



Skkra recommends… Wildstar!

Wildstar was a short-live series in the mid 90s.  It was about a guy who Wildstarbonds with this alien symbiote and get some interesting powers.  It really stands out in my memory because of how cool the art was.

The thing that in fact stands out the most is a single page, where the thing has gone into the dude’s EYE.  He’s pulling it out, and his eye is kind of coming with it, but somehow it’s cool.  I oddly don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

The Maxx

Skkra recommends… The Maxx!

Holy lord, was this character cool!  This is another old Image title, but a fondly remembered one for a reason.TheMaxx

It’s really, really hard to explain The Maxx.  It kind of takes place in two different worlds, though they’re also kinda merged.  In one world he’s a homeless guy with a social worker, in the other world he’s a brutal superhero of sorts.  It’s really hard to explain, but the story and designs are original, and the artwork is distinctive.

I can’t really talk much about it without spoiling it, but I’d recommend going back and checking this series out.  It’ll stay in your head.


Skkra recommends… Spawn!

It’s the start of a new week, and the start of a new week of stuff that I love.  Since the new Captain America movie just came out, I figured, why not talk some comics?  This week, I wanted to run down some of my favorite superheroes of all time.

Spawn is more of an antihero than a superhero, and it’s been a million Spawnyears since the comic was good, but man.  If you get a chance, go find a trade paperback of the first 100 issues – that’s when the comic is still good.  The artwork is gorgeous (especially the earliest issues, when Todd McFarlane is still personally drawing it), the character designs are sick, and the plots of those early books are fun.

Sadly, up around issue 100, the book kind of started to lose it’s way and do too much.  I didn’t like the direction of the writing and eventually stopped reading.  Still, like I said, if you’ve never read the early issues and enjoy comics, you probably owe it to yourself to check it out.