Avoid April Fools


Skkra Recommends… avoiding april fools jokes!

4/1, April Fools Day.  Whee.  This may actually be the stupidest day of the year, though I will say that ever since major corporations started doing fake releases, it’s had some redemption.  Some of the bullshit they come up with is actually not bad.

Generally, though, I’d just avoid pranks or “fools” of any kind.  This would be a great day to deliver life-destroying news to someone that they don’t see coming.  “Oh, haha, april fools!”  NOPE!  You have 3 days to live.


Skkra Recommends… Mummers!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Mummers, let me enlighten you.  The annual 2016-01-02_MummersNew Year’s Day Mummers Parade is a Philadelphia tradition wherein the city’s many Mummers Clubs – generally, groups of old school, South Philly germans/italians/irish – parade through the city, performing musical numbers and elaborate, coordinated dance pieces while wearing outlandish and over-the-top costumes.

And I mean, yeah.  That’s kind of what it is.  But the real magic happens afterwards.  See, these Clubs all have exclusive “club houses” down in South Philly.  The club houses are more or less just members-only bars, which is actually kind of awesome.  And a vast majority of them are located on 2nd Street or, as locals call it, “Two Street.”

After the parade is over, there is more or less a second mini-parade that goes down Two Street, and this is when New Years Day really gets started.  It’s a totally insane, anything-goes, nonstop party for the next 24 hours.  A lot of these Mummers don’t sleep for well over 24 hours straight.  You can hear the party from several blocks away.  You can walk around the streets with open containers and the cops, while present, won’t do a thing, probably because they grew up with Tony, who is in the Such & Such Mummers Club of South Philly.

So in honor of the start of the new year, I’ll recommend for you to go check out the Mummers down on Two Street at some point in your life.  It’s pretty surreal.  For one day, these Mummers are gods.  I guarantee that, as I post this, they’re still partying in the streets literally right now.