MK March The MK Movie


What better way to wind down Mortal March than discussing the Mortal Kombat movie?  It’s probably the greatest video game movie adaptation of all time… I’m not sure what that says, good or bad, but it’s certainly the case.

The movie stars That Asian Dude who was in a ton of B movies during the 1990s.  It also stars That Chick who was in a ton of stuff around then, but no one knows her name.  Everyone just remembers her from Billy Madison.

The movie itself is pretty solid.  It’s entertaining as heck, even if the fights are fairly terrible by todays standards.  The movie was notable for its soundtrack though – it’s what introduced me to Fear Factory – and having a thousand amazing one liners.

“Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole.”  CLASSIC.  I can’t even get myself started.


Skkra recommends… Timecop!

OH YEAH.  What better way to wrap up Action Movie Week than with a JCVD flick!  Not only that, but the best JCVD flick.  Does it include a Timecoptrademark JCVD gratuitous full split?  Why, yes, yes it does!

All joking aside, this is actually a good movie.  The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you interested, the action is great throughout, and it has RON SILVER.  That’s enough reason to go watch.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen this movie in a few years, so the only thing I can’t recall is how well the VFX hold up.  Honestly, I don’t think that matters.  This wasn’t a movie about big budget special effects.  It was a movie about big KICKS.

The Rock

Skkra recommends… The Rock!

One of the twin action classics of the Nicolas Cage library, this movie is a masterpiece.

Is there anything this film doesn’t have?  Sean Connery being awesome, check.  A nonstop barrage of quotable lines, check.  Hilarious Nicolas Cage overacting, check.  Excellent action scenes, check.  It’s hard to say much more about it, because really I just want to start quoting the entire movie front to back.



The Matrix

Skkra recommends… The Matrix!

While the second and third films in this series arent as good as the original – the second is entertaining and passable, while the third is a steaming pile of garbage – the first film is a classic.

It’s hard to teleport yourself back in time to when this movie first came out.  I myself was in high school.  But man, was that movie TheMatrixgroundbreaking at the time.  A lot of the effects shots used in the film were revolutionary at the time.  Now you get numb to them, because they’re so common that you see them used in friggin’ cereal commercials on TV.  Not that the movie is nothing but the sum of its special effects.  It’s not a Michael Bay movie we’re talking about here.

The action sequences in this movie stand the test of time, from the martial arts choreography to the gun fights.

Last Action Hero

Skkra recommends… Last Action Hero!

Yeah, there are a ton of other godlike Arnold films.  It’s honestly hard to argue that Terminator 2 isn’t the best action film of all time.  But when it comes down to pure film enjoyment, Last Action Hero is something awesome.

This movie is so great because it’s not only semi-mocking the genre itself, LastActionHerobut it mocks Schwartzy, too.  Then you have an incredible villain played by the guy who played Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones, bringing this hilarious gravity that the movie wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Top it off with over-the-top action packed scenes, one on top of the other, and its hard not to love this one.

The scene where Arnold is hanging off of the dead guy’s leg while swinging from a crane and trying to avoid an inevitable bomb that’s about to explode?  Godlike.