Cento Artichoke Hearts


Skkra recommends… Cento Artichoke Hearts!

Artichokes are delicious and healthy, but when it comes to buying them, nothing beats a delicious jar of Cento Artichoke Hearts.

I’ll be honest – the oil that they’re marinating in probably nullifies a lot of the health benefits.  You’re adding a ton of unnecessary calories.  But my CentoArtichokeHeartsgod, have you ever had these things?  They’re absolutely incredible.  The mix of oils and spices they sit in are so good that it’s almost worth drinking it right out of the jar, if it wouldn’t make you puke.

One of my favorite random meals is sausage, beans, and artichokes.  I’ll literally take 2 big spicy sausage links and chop it up, toss on a side of Bush’s Original Baked Beans (or occasionally Heinz Vegetarian Baked Beans), and then throw on a final side of Cento Artichoke Hearts, right out of the jar.  It’s an oddly delicious random meal that I encourage you all to try.  There are plenty of different ways to make the Hearts the star of the show, too.  In that delicious oil, don’t they deserve to be?



Skkra recommends… Mimosas!

I have to admit that until 2017, I was never that big a fan of mimosas.  Sure, OJ and champagne is moderately tasty, but I was always opting for things like a morning cider instead.

Well, I’m not sure exactly what happened – well, actually, that’s kind of a Mimosalie… we had a ton of bottles leftover from our annual NYE party, and I just kind of wanted to drink it – but as 2016 turned to 2017, I found myself really loving mimosas.

I’m currently on track to finish almost a bottle per morning for the last week, and I see no reason to slow down now.  Bottoms up!

Orange Juice


Skkra recommends… Orange Juice!

OK, so.  You’ve just spent over a week destroying your body with nonstop partying.  What now?  You can’t keep this up forever, sadly.  I doubt the people at work will think my level of intoxication is as pleasant as I do.OrangeJuice

Orange Juice to the rescue.  Not only is it the tastiest beverage ever to come from a fruit, but it’s healthy as hell.  And when the only nutrient your body has vodka, it can go a long way towards helping you recover.

If you have a juicer, juicing it yourself gives you the best possible taste, but if not, just get something that was fresh squeezed, and isn’t made from concentrate.  That stuff tastes like garbage.

Please, god, OJ, save me.  I think my body is shutting down.



Skkra recommends… almonds!

Well, I don’t recommend them if you have a lethal nut allergy or anything.  But otherwise, god damn they’re good.

I only recently started consistently incorporating almonds into my diet, Almondsbut they’ve made an easy, delicious snack.  I like to coat them with a bit of avocado oil, cover them with Old Bay, then bake them in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes.  Perfection.

One of the main reasons I started eating them was because they’re very high in fiber, which I didn’t realize.  They’re also packed with protein and a bunch of healthy fats.  I should probably eat more nuts in general.

You can do a lot with them, too.  I threw a bunch in a food processor the other day to crush them to bits, then coated talapia with mustard and gave it an almond crust.  I’ve also really come to enjoy almond butter much more than peanut butter.

Luminarc Glassware


Skkra recommends… Luminarc glassware!

I’m calling it glassware, but it’s really just glass storage containers.  They’re these sturdy, glass containers with the green lids.  I’m sure you’ve seen them.

I know that cheap plastic tupperware is supposed to be fairly bad for you and your food, so I switched over to glass a few years ago.  These are by far my favorite containers.  Even after years of use, they still seal tightly, and despite several drops, they’re hearty enough that they haven’t shattered.  Not yet, at least.

You can microwave right in the container, and you don’t need to worry about the chemicals from a cheap plastic container contaminating your food.  They also come in a nice variety of shapes and sizes.  I use them for everything.  I bring oatmeal to work in the morning in them, my lunch for the afternoon, and store leftover dinner.  I even once trapped a bee in one.  Handy!