The Beach


Skkra recommends… the beach!

Well, since we were talking about the beach, I might as well recommend it.

I’ve always been a beach person.  I know some people who loathe the TheBeachsand, and while I respect any viewpoint, I don’t understand.  How can you not enjoy the beach?  I actually quite literally don’t even use a beach towel anymore – when I want to lay back and relax, I just lay directly on the sand.  Once or twice someone has woken me up to ask if I’m OK… I guess you do kind of look like you just passed out if you’re not laying on a towel.

The sound of the rolling waves is so easy and peaceful to pass out to, but you can also play pretty much any game you can think of on the beach.  Surely, you’ve made a few up in your lifetime – god knows I have.  Many an hour were passed playing 4 person, free-for-all paddleball – make sure you respect the Dink rule – or talking in the water while playing a game of Slick Cycle.

Public Parks


Skkra recommends… public parks!

If you live in a suburban or rural area, you probably dont need to even think about this. The parks near you are likely gigantic state parks, miles long, with dozens of trails and a river to canoe in. If you live in the city, however, chances are you dont have a 2 acre backyard.

I honestly often forget just how nice these public city parks can be, then I’m reminded when I walk by and see a large group all playing some lawn game together. I do help clean up my local park, but aside from walking home through it, I find I blank on using it. It’s honestly a nice place to even just read a book.

So especially if you live in the city, remember to hit the park once in a while. Its surprisingly good to lift your spirits and brighten your mood. Works for me, at least.

Fire And Ice


Skkra Recommends… Fire & Ice!

I never thought I’d be recommending a jewelry store, but if you have the right kind of gal, this place could become your best friend.

There is a ton of unique jewelry to be found here, using everything from FireAndIcetraditional stones to meteorite fragments.  If you have the kind of girl who likes to wear interesting, unique pieces, and especially wear stones that arent just the standard old boring diamonds, this place is perfect.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shopped here myself, but it’s a lot.  There is always something neat to find, and it fits my girl’s style extremely well.

If you’re a guy and looking for a present at a fair price, give it a shot.  You might just find a new store.