Skkra recommends… George!

That’s right, damn it.  George from Seinfeld is one of the greatest characters of all time, and certainly my favorite character on the show (though Elaine is an extremely close second, as far as the main cast goes).

Jason Alexander actually has a lot of range that he rarely gets credit for, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss.  As far as his work on Seinfeld, the guy steals every scene he’s in.  I live half of my life with George quotes, and they’re always my favorites from the show.George

George is such a great character that he also gets all of the most fun storylines.  The one where he dissociate eating and sex?  Or when he wants to be a marine biologist?  The human fund donation?  When he stops having sex and becomes super intelligent?  The summer of George?  When he does the opposite of every instinct he has?

I can just keep going and going, and the episodes are flooding into my brain faster than I can even type.  Now I just want to go have a George-a-thon.



Skkra recommends… Sawyer!

LOST is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.  Hell, I’ve often said that it is my favorite show of all time.  Pound for pound – and again, like The X-Files, despite a somewhat disappointing ending – the show’s characters and sci-fi plot are just so good that I can’t help but love it.  And while the show is literally full of amazing characters, it’s hard for me not to love Sawyer.

Of all of the characters on the show, his depth and evolution throughout is right at the top.  He starts out as this brooding, antisocial psychopath, but is a selfless leader and hero by the time the show ends.  It doesn’t feel forced, or contrived, either.  The writing is good enough to carry it, and Josh Halloway’s acting is great enough to make you believe it.Sawyer

Speaking of which, Halloway may have some of the most intense facial expressions I’ve ever seen from an actor.  When the guy looks angry, the scowl he has is so vicious, you’d think the director just killed everyone he ever cared about right in front of him to get that performance.

Fox Mulder


Skkra recommends… Fox Mulder!

I’ve been watching a lot of older TV shows lately, and I figured I’d like to talk about some of my favorite characters.FoxMulder

I was absolutely obsessed with The X-Files when I was growing up, and Fox Mulder seemed like the most badass character ever.  Duchovny’s understated acting and eternally calm delivery are perfect… it’s hard to imagine anyone else being able to handle that role.  All of the little details, from the I Want To Believe poster on his office wall to the pencils always hanging from the ceiling are absolutely brilliant.  That fact that he’s sometimes watching pornography while casually talking on the phone with people is also hilarious.

While I feel like the original run of the show didn’t quite have the ending I was hoping for – hell, Mulder was more or less nonexistent for the last few seasons – it doesn’t take anything away from the character overall.  The first few seasons of the show were a masterpiece.  As I’m rewatching, all I can think is that Duchovny somehow managed to make a paranoid, conspiracy theorist government agent seem like the coolest guy on TV.



Skkra recommends… Westworld!

This is probably the pound-for-pound best show on HBO right now.  I think it may slightly edge out Game of Thrones.  To be fair, they’ve only had one season, but what a spectacular season it was.  It was so goddamn good that even if they had ended it right there, I would’ve been completelyWestworld satisfied with it.

I’m not going to delve into the plot, or talk about my thoughts on the show, or discuss what I think is going to happen with season two.  If you’ve seen the show at all, you likely already love it.  If you haven’t, my god, do yourself a favor and check it out.  Everyone you know is already talking about it, if I had to guess, so why deprive yourself of a truly entertaining show?

The one thing I will say is that the casting and acting is off the charts.  Anthony Hopkins is always great, but here, he utterly dominates every scene he is in.  Every line he delivers, every nuanced expression he makes… it’s all basically perfection.  The writing is also ridiculous.  I’m actually concerned for a second season.  I wonder how the writers are going to be able to keep up this level of quality.

Skipping 4K


Skkra recommends… skipping 4K!

That’s right, I said. Screw you, 4K television.

Seriously, isn’t HD good enough? It looks frigging awesome, and file sizes for movies and such are already gigantic enough just in HD. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at 4K images when at Best Buy or whatever, and seriously, I really don’t think it’s necessary. When you look at SD versus HD, the distinction is so insanely obvious that the SD picture looks like unviewable garbage. HD versus 4K doesn’t have that same type of distinction to me. HD already looks great to my eyes – it’s a sharp picture and there is no eye strain when looking at it, unlike an SD picture which almost looks blurry and headache-inducing in comparision.

I think enough is enough – isn’t HD good enough? At some point your eyes wont even be able to tell the difference anyways. In 40 years when we’re at 64K or whatever, the pixel density will be so insane that it will have been long since your eyes were even able to tell the difference. You’ll just be shelling out ridiculous extra dollars to the companies that create the hardware for TVs. Why? For no reason, that’s why.