Extra Credits


Skkra recommends… Extra Credits!

Extra Credits is a long-running youtube show that focuses on gaming.  Episodes are short, between 5-8 minutes, depending on the topic, and generally discuss various aspects of game design.  Why is X game such a classic?  What are good and bad ways to implement a “grind” in your game?  Etc etc.  There are basically endless things to discuss.

If you’re into gaming at all, it’s worth checking out.  They’ve also launched a few sister channels – also gaming related – but with more specific focuses than the general Extra Credits channel.  The material is written by this guy James, who himself is a game designer/developer/consultant in the industry, so he has a wealth of knowledge and great insights into aspects us normal gamers generally don’t.

Since I’m such a fan of fighting games, included here is a really good episode they did about fighting games, and why they’re so difficult to get into.


SDC2003Skkra.com has been reborn once again, and what a glorious rebirth it is.  This time around, we’ll be doing something different.  Several weeks ago, a friend of mine said, “Skkra, your opinions are always perfect… why don’t you give your legions of fans one recommendation each day?”  A great idea!  So great, in fact, that that story was a lie: I didn’t need a friend to give me this idea.

So, loyal readers, settle in for a year of daily recommendations of things to check out.  That said, let’s kick of 2016 with the only possible choice.

Skkra Recommends… Skkra.com!

Thats right!  There surely is no better way to begin this journey than by recommending skkra.com.  Skkra.com is an institution at this point, and is actually older than some of its readers!  Presidents have come and gone, wars and started and ended, and the world has changed many times over… but skkra.com hasn’t.  It’s still updated daily, the same as it was back in 2001.  So check back here every single day for my next glorious recommendation.

I would like to take one moment and thank one person in particular.  That person is the man that some have called Goose.  2016 is dedicated to him, as he really provided me with the motivation to post every day.  Every damn day.  I won’t miss a single post.  That’s right, Goose.  Strap in.